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How Korean React Toward Malaysian

How Korean Reacts to Malaysian

Today I would like to share with you some sort of interesting topic that I would like to discuss. As what I've stated on the title about, this entry is about how korean people react toward malaysian people. Interesting right, we have seen how we ( Malaysian) react toward them, but now let see how they react when they see us!! As we know, kpop is one of the popular entertainment from the South Korea, which almost all people in every country know about them and some even adore them. Yaaahh I know because they are handsome, pretty and whatsoever!!( ALL PLASTIC) hahaha.. actually not all of them are fake.

 I'm also one of kpop fans, yes I knows how this statement will make some of the hardcore kpop fans feel uncoformtable! But I'm not that kind of fans, I just love the music .. because what really attracts me toward kpop is about how unique their songs really are!!The first song that bring me into kpop world is I WISH, from FT ISLAND. I also love to watch korean drama.. hahaha.. probably influence from my sister because I used to watch with her every dramas together, maybe it is one of the factor that attract me. 

But actually I guess it is not fully because of my sister, I admit it that korean drama is the best because I finds that their dramas are really interesting.. it is so different if we compare to Malaysian dramas which are so predictable..!! I'm kind of boring watching our own dramas which lack of variety and imaginations. But unlike korean dramas, as we can see, their plots, acting ,scene and etc are really fresh!

 I mean their ideas in making the dramas are what really attract the viewers' mind to join into their imaginations world. hahaha which are not possible , because one thing that I do not like about korean dramas is that they expect everything is perfect!Their skin, life and all things...  I guess that is what attract me toward kpop. Other things that I like is about their OST songs.. which I think what Malaysia dramas must have!!! because OST songs is what make one drama different from others, it build their own identity! (OST is the abbreviation for Original Sound Track)

Okay back to the point! Recently I've been realized that ,many korean people making their videos about how they react toward Malaysian people apparently through Youtube. That is why I making this entry.. to share with you guys how their reactions! What I can say that, some of them do not really know how Malaysian people look like ( Our Face)

                                   KOREAN REACTION

1) Korean React Toward Malaysian Pop Music Video.

This is my favourite so far!!

2)Korean React Toward Malaysian Female Artist.

LOVE this, but I hope they can choose more!

In this video,we have Emma Maembong,Hanis Zalikha, Nora Danish, Shila Amzah and Amyra Rosli.

3)Korean React Toward Malaysian Male Artist.

        Not my favourite.. but fun to watch!

4) Korean Boy Reacts Toward Sona One MV

5)Korean Boy Reacts Toward Hanie Soraya MV 

6) Korean React Toward De Fam (Super Girl)

7)Korean React Toward Malaysian Rapper

8)Korean Guy Reacts Toward Kaka Azraff (Bukan Hal Aku) feat Sleeq

9)Korean Guy Reacts Toward Joe Flizzow x Sonaone

10) Korean React Toward Female Malaysian Artists 

11)Korean Guys React to" 好想你 I MiSS U - Joyce Chu 四葉草 "

support Malaysian artist.. she is s cute

12)Sonaone Reaction On This Korean Guy

13)Wanita Korea Cakap Bahasa Melayu

Wow, kagum sangat tengok dia berbahasa Melayu...


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